What really are the best gifts for the holidays? Like everyone else, I have received various types of gifts through the years; but the question is, “what are the ones that have stood out to me the most?” Throughout the holidays, my family traditions are honestly the only things that I remember most. What traditions […]


November 14, 2018

Favorite Gifts


I’m just taking a few moments to talk about 3 quick tips for the brides who want an outdoor wedding experience. There have been very distinct challenges I have seen over the five years that I photographed weddings. These tips are more focused on those brides who find photography as one of the most important […]


October 1, 2018

fall wedding tips


Hey there! I’m here today to talk about some of the most memorable locations that I’ve shot weddings/ engagements. I actually have three top locations that I really enjoyed, all of which were in more of the downtown Atlanta area. I have had the pleasure of shooting weddings in multiple states, and out of all […]


September 28, 2018

photo locations


I had the pleasure and privilege to work with multiple lead photographers the first few years I worked in wedding photography. I highly suggest this for all who are getting into this business because it makes you a better photographer in the end and I’ll tell you why: 1: Like I mentioned before I got […]


September 3, 2018

a second photographer’s view